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Let’s start with the bad news. After what seemed to be brief, lockdown-induced respite from the relentless climb in CO2 emissions, we’re now heading towards the “second-largest increase [ever] in energy-related carbon emissions,” effectively undoing 80% of the progress we had made in 2020.

For the more visual among us, the expected “carbon rebound” will look something like this:

Source: https://twitter.com/hausfath/status/1384535400123797514?s=20


I know it’s exhausting to be reminded constantly that the world is on fire and that we are fundamentally on the wrong path (indeed there’s even research suggesting that we’re becoming desensitized to bad climate news). …

Even before the pandemic hit, the problems were clear: the climate emergency; the stagnation of our schools; a health system already buckling under stress; opaque financial systems that left too many behind. And then came Covid-19, the fuel on the fire, the final wake-up call that we simply cannot continue this way.

Addressing these challenges will require us all — and even then, we may not be able to do it fast enough. Some claim that the global warming ship has sailed; others talk about “lost generations” who will never escape the cycle of debt or gain the requisite skills…

Lauren Lentz

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